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About Us

Pivotal Step is a developing Maritime consulting company, founded in 2016, established to provide specialised advice to shipping companies whether owners, managers or operators of ships. We work with a great network of independent associates in order to provide the latest state of the art advice.

We build bridges between the organisations we represent and the local Governments and European institutions, making sure that our clients know what’s going on and when it’s going on.

We lead you to effective communications with the local and European decision-makers at all political and technical levels. We keep an open mind to new ideas and always maintain an international perspective. Above all, it is a question of Seeing, Thinking, Knowing and Understanding. All to deliver that one single thing we all seek.

We also specialise in specific fields of Public Affairs in order to make sense of policy. Our deep knowledge on how Europe works allows us to take our clients one step further from what they expect. We help them to understand how Europe works and how we can work for you.

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