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Our Services

Pivotal Step is not a consultancy office but a one stop shop for shipping advice on the fields of its specialisation. Our philosophy is to understand the needs of the client, simple or complex, and provide the appropriate advice at the right time and the right price.

We specialise in specific fields of maritime affairs namely:

    • Public Affairs Monitoring and reporting;
    • Issue management/Lobbying;
    • Awareness campaigns;
    • Network-building;
    • EU funding opportunities and applications; and
    • Tonnage Tax;

Public Affairs Monitoring and reporting

We monitor and report daily on relevant developments at the National Level, European level and International Level for your organisation.

Issue management/Lobbying

We help you develop and execute lobbying campaigns. We have a deep understanding of the when, the what, the who and the how, to do this.

Awareness campaigns – Conferences – Events

To raise visibility of your presence in Cyprus, of the issues and the action you want taken, we can help develop your awareness campaigns through a carefully balanced range of conferences and events.


We help you build and maintain a network with relevant decision-makers locally or in Brussels and across Europe in the Member State capitals.

EU funding opportunities and applications

We offer our expertise in seeking, managing, applying for and obtaining EU funding, both as an advisor or as a consortium member. Together with our partner company Circle, we have a well-established successful track-record with EU funding programmes such as CEF, Horizon 2020, LIFE, ERDF and others.

Tonnage Tax

Pivotal Step can provide advise how to take full advantage of any EU/EEA Tonnage Tax system and provide information on the risk level when a combination of those is in place especially due to the political influence these systems have.