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Our Services

Pivotal Step is not a consultancy office but a one stop shop for shipping advice on the fields of its specialisation. Our philosophy is to understand the needs of the client, simple or complex, and provide the appropriate advice at the right time and the right price.

We specialise in specific fields of maritime affairs namely:

    • Public Affairs Monitoring and reporting
    • Issue management/Lobbying
    • Awareness campaigns
    • Network-building

Public Affairs Monitoring and reporting

Public Affairs can help businesses realise their corporate goals as a means of ensuring success. Public Affairs is the discipline which looks after reputation, with the aim of earning understanding and support and influencing opinion and behaviour.

We monitor and report daily on relevant developments at the National Level, European Level and International Level for your organisation.

Pivotal Step provides statistical and factual information and lobby on issues which could impact upon the organisation’s ability to operate successfully.

Issue management/Lobbying

Issue management is the process through which an organisation manages its policy, and identifies potential problems, issues, or trends that could have an impact in the future. The issue management process is a long-term, problem-solving function placed at the highest level of the organisation through which it can adapt organisational policy and engage in the public affairs process. Issue management allows the top professional communicator to interact with government and publics, advising the Management about the values of publics and how they enhance or detract from the organisation’s reputation with those publics.

Issue management should be collaborative, based on the research that the Pivotal Step can conduct for you. The research is what makes the issues management process “two-way,” meaning that it is based on understanding the view of publics by bringing input into managerial decision making from outside the organisation. This research can be used to provide vital information at each stage of the strategic planning process.

Lobbying opens the door to the political and administrative spheres where a company can attempt to influence decisions so as to defend its interests in a particular issue. Pivotal Step helps you develop and execute lobbying campaigns. We have a deep understanding of the when, the what, the who and the how, to do this.

Awareness campaigns

To raise visibility of your presence in Cyprus, we can help develop your awareness campaigns through a carefully balanced range of conferences and events. Pivotal Step can provide you with a list of the most important conferences and events you should attend and help you with the selection and registration. Utilising our service enables you to save time and focus on other activities of your company.


Pivotal Step helps you build and maintain a network with relevant decision-makers locally or in Brussels and across Europe in the Member State capitals. Through our wide network we identify the correct contacts for your business and we make it happen.